God And Therapy Tshirt
We can have both. Having a relationship with God doesn't take away the need to have practical tools from a licensed therapist. So yes to God and Therapy and get on the road to becoming whole in all areas of...
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GODS Track Record Tshirt
Have you ever taken a moment to look back over your life and see how many times God has brought you out? He never fails us and even when we can't see our way out he is always there. His...
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It's My Peace For Me T-Shirt
Listen here ladies! In this season we must be way more intentional about our PEACE. Protect your energy at all cost. Let this T-Shirt serve as a reminder that your PEACE is NOT up for debate.    T-Shirt ships within...
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Mustering The Strength To Fight
Has life ever knocked you down blow after blow and you you thought you would never make it out?  Death, grief and pain can be hard. While going through you can't see your way out. In this book I share...
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Try God Tshirt
How many times have we tried to do things on our own and realize that there is nothing we can do in our own strength. You tried it once now try it with GOD.   *Tshirts are shipped after 5...
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